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// Cloud-based Simulation Network

// Globally Distributed

// Massive Scale Simulations

// Detailed Performance Metrics

// Expert Analysis

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// Standard simulations up to 20Gbps

// Layer7 Application DDoS Simulations

// Protocol Layer3/4 DDoS Simulations

// Custom DDoS Simulations

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// Detailed Application Performance Monitoring (HTTP/HTTPS)

// Network Performance Monitoring

// Distributed Monitoring Network

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"The main Web site of MasterCard was knocked offline today in a large (DDoS) attack apparently launched in retaliation for the credit card company's decision this week to cut off services to WikiLeaks."

CIO Magazine 2010.12.09

"(the attack) overwhelmed Bank of America and Chase's Web servers on Sept. 19, Wells Fargo and U.S. Bank on Wednesday and PNC on Thursday."

CNN Money 2012.09.28

"More than a mouse was stirring Wednesday night on the Internet, as an attack on a major DNS provider to sites such as and others hobbled service for about an hour."

CNET 2009.12.09

"Cloud-based services are vulnerable to attacks that seek to exploit the pay-as-you-go pricing consuming the bandwidth of Web-based services, thereby increasing the cloud consumer's financial burden."

Iowa State University

Product Overview

Product Description

  • Cloud based Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) simulation
  • Integrated site performance monitoring
  • DDoS attack simulation capacity in excess of 100 Gbps
  • DDoS experts to coordinate, launch and analyze attack
  • Detailed report of site performance during DDoS attack

Standard DDoS Suite

  • HTTP layer7 attack (max 2 Gbps, 100 Kreqs/sec)
  • HTTPS layer7 attack (max 1.5 Gbps, 75 Kreqs/sec)
  • UDP bandwidth attack (max 20 Gbps, 1.8 Mpps)
  • non-spoofed SYN flood analog (max 2 Gbps, 3 Mpps)
  • ICMP bandwidth attack (max 20 Gbps, 1.8 Mpps)
  • UDP DNS attack (max 2 Gbps, 3 Mqps)
  • TCP DNS attack (max 175 Mbps, 200 Kqps)

Custom Services

  • Custom DDoS attack creation
  • Spoofed DDoS attacks
  • Standard attacks with increased volume
  • Mitigation Strategy Expert Analysis
  • Employee DDoS Training

All Simulations Include:

Attack Analytics // DDoS Expert Engineer // Detailed Post-simulation Report // Precise Planning

The True Cost of DDoS

// Direct financial cost of lost revenue during attack - The Uptime Insitute reports that the average cost of downtime for a U.S. corporation is $300,000 / hour

// Indirect losses due to damaged reputation - In an increasingly connected social media world, word-of-mouth travels fast and can significantly impact your online reputation. Data released by KISSmetrics indicate that 44% of online shoppers are likely to tell others about their bad experience. For financial institutions the impact is more severe, eroding customer trust in the institutions online security.

// Increased IT costs to mitigate DDoS - DDoS mitigation has a direct cost in mitigation hardware or "clean pipe" mitigation services.

// Implicit opportunity cost - During a DDoS attack, business resources are diverted from normal business growth objectives. This often includes a shift in marketing and PR focus to mitigate reputation damage, as well as shifts in IT priorities to provide both tactical and strategic defenses against future attacks.

Real Results // Custom Attacks // DDoS Staff Preparedness Firedrills // No Attack Too Big