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Cloud-Based DDoS Attack Platform

"To gain meaningful data, a simulation must mimic a real attack. The NimbusDDOS attack simulation platform is modeled from the same tools used by attackers."
- Andrew Shoemaker (Founder/CEO)

// Infinite Scaling: Modern DDoS attacks have exceeded 500Gbps in attack volume. To properly simulate a massive DDoS attack a scalable platform is required. NimbusDDOS leverages public cloud resources to provide attack scale to any customer requirement.

// Globally distributed: The resources used by DDoS attackers are globally distributed. The public cloud resources leveraged by NimbusDDOS are capable of sourcing attacks from North America, South America, Europe, and APAC. Geographic attack distribution is especially important to NimbusDDOS clients that operate in a BGP anycast or multi-datacenter active-active configuration.

// Consistency in Traffic Delivery: The NimbusDDOS attack simulation platform uses an active feedback control system to ensure that traffic is delivered in a consistent manner according to the requirements of the test. This consistency provides more accurate data analysis, and eliminates the risk of testing side effects

// Emergency Shutdown: The NimbusDDOS attack simulation platform provides both an in-band and out-of-band mechanism to shutdown all simulated DDoS attacks. Both mechanisms are capable of stopping even the largest simulated attack in less than one minute.

// Real-Time Metrics Visualization: The NimbusDDOS user portal provides real-time data visualization of metrics data collected during a simulated DDoS attack. Immediate access to data allows customers to correlate data collected by NimbusDDOS with their own environment observations. Faster access to data allows for a more agile response, and real-time iterative improvements to the environment during the simulated attack.

Cloud Based DDoS Simulation Platform