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NimbusDDOS Device Certification Statement

Certification ID: TLKAUYN6K19G

Manufacturer: A10 Networks, Inc.
Manufacturer Address: 3 West Plumeria Drive, San Jose, CA 95134
Manufacturer Certification Contact: Product Marketing, 408.325.8616, Contact Us

NimbusDDOS Certification Contact: Andrew Shoemaker, 781.591.2575,

Certification Scope: A10 Networks Thunder TPS Series
Certification Category: DDoS mitigation appliance
Certification Date: August 29, 2018
Certification Level Tested: 2018 Tier II

  • Tier II certification indicates that the device is capable of identifying and mitigating the attack vectors that made up 95% or greater of in-the-wild attacks in the past year.
  • The certification is based upon active tests of the device in a real-world deployment using the NimbusDDOS testing platform.
  • The certification is year specific since the attack landscape is constantly changing.
  • The volume of traffic used during certification testing is set at approximately the 95th percentile of current in-the-wild attacks.

Success Criteria
  • All attacks are successfully detected and classified appropriately
  • All attacks are successfully and automatically mitigated with no manual intervention
  • Mitigation causes no adverse performance impact on legitimate traffic
  • Device provides the certification engineer with details attack information, appropriate for modern incident response teams
  • Device has management capabilities in-line with industry standards and expectations appropriate for a Tier II organization

Attack Vectors
UDP bandwidth floods (volumetric)

NTP amplification floods (volumetric)

DNS amplification floods (volumetric)

CLDAP amplification floods (volumetric)

Tsunami SYN floods (volumetric)

TCP ACK floods (volumetric)

Fragmented UDP floods (volumetric)

TCP SYN floods (protocol)

DNS query floods (layer-7)

HTTP GET request floods (layer-7)

HTTPS GET request floods (layer-7)

Full Report: TBD

About NimbusDDOS: NimbusDDOS is the industry leader in vendor neutral DDoS attack preparedness services. Our vision is to provide the highest level of DDoS expertise to help our customers achieve the level of DDoS preparedness that their business demands. The foundation of our solutions are the expertise of our DDoS engineers, which is paired with a proprietary cloud platform that allows NimbusDDOS to perform legal DDoS attack simulations identical to those used by real-world attackers. To learn how NimbusDDOS solutions and experts are helping businesses proactively address the DDoS attack threat, please visit

More Information: 800.674.DDOS